Bed and Couch is a bed shop with a unique blend of beds and furniture in a single showroom that suits all taste and budgets.
The concept brings together a wide range of beds and furniture consisting of traditional, contemporary and modern styles available in wood and fabric in a variety of colours and textures. Our furniture showrooms in Craighall Park, Cresta, Hillfox, Walkerville and Wierda Park stock stylish locally produced wooden beds and wooden furniture, mattresses and base sets, lounge suites, couches and sleeper couches. Our range will appeal to adults and children alike, will fit the small or large budget, be attractive in your home, holiday home, game farm, guest house, apartment or cottage and complement your own personal style.
Bed and Couch firmly supports “Proudly South African” with most of our manufactures being South African making it easy for Bed and Couch to be flexible and alter designs to suite your specific needs and offer outstanding after sales service.
Bed and Couch is open 7 days a week and our friendly staff are ready to assist you find the perfect solution to your bed or furniture requirements and no notion is too big or too small.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the warranty and Guarantee?
The differences between your warranty and guarantee is, your guarantee is at the suppliers cost if something happens to your mattress and the warranty is that there will be a payment that will be made from you as the client to repair or replace your mattress.
How often must I turn my mattress?
Every two weeks for the first three months and there after once a month.
Can I change the fabric or colour of the lounge suite?
You as the client can a choose a colour as well as a fabric from the variety of fabric swatches on offer.
Can I use an electric blanket on a foam bed or a bed that has foam in it or on top of it?
Yes an electric blanket may be used but not continuously at highest temperatures.
How can I protect my bed?
The best way to protect your mattress is by using a mattress protector.
What’s does the warranty and guarantee cover?
* Mattress sagging provided that the mattress has been continuously supported by a matching foundation or equivalent, and used with an appropriate frame and centre support, or a minimum of 5 cross slats with 3 concentrated in the centre third for queen and king sets. *Mattress body impressions greater than 40 mm in depth *Foundation splitting of the wood frame *Foundation loose, bent or defective wood beams.
What period is a lifetime warranty?
Lifetime warranty is covered in its first period up to 20 years.
How long should I take to adjust to my new mattress?
Give yourself a few weeks to adjust to your new mattress.
Should I buy a new base everytime I buy a mattress?
Replace the foundation when purchasing a new mattress, because an old base or certain foundations will not provide sufficient support and the mattress will appear to be sagging and can damage your new mattress.
Should I keep my proof of purchase?
Yes, as your proof of purchase is needed when claiming on your warranty and guarantee.
What is the difference between the different springs?
There are three different spring types: * pocket spring * interlink spring * bonnel spring.
Why are there weight limitations on a mattress?
If a heavier person is to sleep on a mattress the mattress will collapse over a long period of time as well as your warranty and guarantee are also base on the weight limitation.
Should MasterGuard be reapplied after a certain time period?
MasterGuard should be reapplied after every 3-4 steam washes or after every 6-7 washers with a dry foam cleaner.
Why should I protect my mattress?
Suppliers reserve the right to refuse services when upon inspection the product is found to be stained, burned, dirty, soiled, infested or in a unsanitary condition.
What is the best bed brand to buy?
There are only two foam and spring manufacturers all beds are made with the same materials.
Is a foam bed hotter/warmer than a spring bed?
a Foam bed in general is slighter warmer than a spring bed, yet it is a difficult question to answer as all bed are now manufactured with foam on top of the spring system. So due to this all bed today will be warm due to the foams that are used to manufacture beds.
How do i clean my lounge suite or couch?
One of the best ways to clean your fabric lounge suite/ couch is with a dry foam cleaner that are available at most local grocery stores e.g.: Pick n Pay, checkers, Spar etc.
When purchasing a wooden bed/furniture will the delivery include the installation/building of the item?
Included in the delivery will be the instaltion fee, the item that was bought will be installed/built.